EVL – an ETL tool

EVL Tool — a command line based ETL.

All three base EVL Tool products—EVL, EVL Workflow, and EVL File Register—are command line based, and can be used together or independently.


EVL Workflow

A job manager, which orchestrates either EVL jobs or any other command line command. Can be used standalone, no need for an EVL installation.


EVL File Register

A record of what files were processed, with how many records, when, etc.

Web User Interfaces


EVL Manager

Monitor/run/cancel/restart and manage EVL jobs, EVL Workflow jobs, and EVL File Register states.


EVL View

Web application to easily create graphs and reports from a Postgresql database.

 EVL Community (GPLv3)EVL Enterprise – Modules
New versions with notificationyesyes
Email technical supportyesyes
On call technical supportyes
Incident management systemyes
File formats:
XML, JSONyesyes
HDFS, ODBC, Postgresql, AWS S3yesyes
All standard ETL components (sort, join, dedup, etc.)1yes2yes
Sample/testing data generatoryes
EVL Workflowyes
Compound data types: struct and vectoryes


  1. For detailed list of components see documentation.
  2. Community Edition interchange data between components only as text, not in binary format.


EVL Version 2.0 - 2018-08-31

  • EVL Community Edition released under GPLv3+
  • EVL Job Manager renamed to EVL Workflow
  • EVL Manager – initial version of monitoring tool with web UI
  • Man pages
  • Standalone components (i.e. components can be used from command-line)
  • Handy mapping functions applied to group of columns
  • PostgreSQL connectivity
  • String manipulation functions added (str_compress, str_uncompress)
  • Shared lookup tables
  • Incremental Unique Run ID
  • New components:
    • Lookup – shared lookup
    • ReadPG
    • Sortgroup – sort only within a group
    • Uniq – deduplicate already sorted input
    • WritePG


EVL Version 1.0 - summer 2017

  • Standard ETL components:
    • Aggreg
    • Cat
    • Comp(onent) – includes custom component
    • Cut
    • Filter
    • Join
    • Map
    • Read(file)
    • Sort
    • Tee
    • Trash
    • Validate
    • Write(file)
  • Lookup tables (loaded into memory)
  • Checksum functions
  • HDFS support
  • Spark code generation – Parquet and Impala integration
  • EVL Job Manager

EVL Version 1.3 - 2018-03-08

  • Read/write XML
  • Sample data generator
  • New string manipulation functions
  • New components:
    • Generate – generate records
    • Readxml
    • Writexml

EVL Version 1.1 - 2017-11-01

  • Avro data format support (only flat structures)
  • Produce/consume Kafka data stream
  • Teradata FastExport and FastLoad integration
  • Validation functions within mapping
  • New components:
    • Head
    • Readkafka
    • ReadTD
    • Tail
    • Writekafka
    • WriteTD

EVL Version 1.2 - 2018-01-11

  • Nested fields
  • Partitioning and parallelism
  • Read/write JSON files with full nested fields support
  • Read/write Avro files with full nested fields support
  • New components:
    • Assign – assign content of the flow into variable
    • Cmd – include custom command
    • Departition
    • Gather
    • Merge
    • Partition
    • Readjson
    • Watcher – makes debugging easier
    • Writejson