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EVL Microservices provide fast, automated and cost-effective functionality for a specific business purpose. EVL Microservices are built on top of the core EVL software and retain its flexibility, robustness, high productivity, and ability to read data from various sources; including CSV files, databases–Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, etc–and Hadoop streaming data like Kafka.

EVL Anonymization
Anonymization of the production data according to GDPR requirements as well as for the protection of commercially sensitive data from developers, testers and other outside contractors.
EVL Validation
Useful in situations where complex automated testing tools may be too heavy and expensive. Good candidates for the validation tool are ETL or migration projects or quick quality checks of production data.
EVL Data Generation
Having a proper test environment is a must in many areas like application development, implementing ETL processes, and stress testing where existing production data can’t be used. The simulated data comply with the real-life data patterns, and data volumes should be close to the expected peaks.