evl_user@test_machine:~/demo$ evl run run/extract_file_demo.evl
EVL(info): EVL_JOB_NAME = extract_file_demo
EVL(info): EVL_JOB_LOG = /home/evl_user/log/sample_project/extract_file_demo_20170726235030.log
EVL(info): EVL_JOB_TMP_DIR = /home/evl_user/tmp/demo
 Comp    | Flow name               No. of records | Elapsed (s) | CPU time (s) | Used Mem (MB)
Read     | INPUT                       1334556801 |         129 |        3.036 |        4 SUCC
Filter   | FILTERED                      22588590 |          17 |        0.036 |        4 SUCC
Sort     | SORTED                        22588590 |          37 |        2.360 |        4 SUCC
Aggreg   | AGGREG                            3420 |          10 |        0.420 |        4 SUCC
Write    | demo_table.20180114.csv           3420 |           1 |        0.008 |        4 SUCC

Back to the basics in the data processing.
No GUI, no limits, no problem.

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Perfectly fits into big data ecosystems as well as into traditional data warehouse environments. EVL Tool supports many file formats and databases.

High performance

We spent a good deal of time and brainpower on the logic behind and tuning of the execution to process the tasks in most efficient manner achieving industry level load times.


Programmed from the first to the last line of code to do what it is meant to do, no additional features you will never use.

True developer friendly

We come from where you are and dislike tools that are hidden behind fancy graphic, drag & dropping with no view on what is being actually done behind.

Free for community

No license, no subscription fees, we allow you to do most of what you need for free, pay us for the commercial use and dedicated support.


Easy to install & manage.

References and testimonials


With EVL Tool we've finished data migration project ahead of planned schedule and have saved both project and operational budget.

Eva Mikulecka – OSS/BSS Integration Services Project Manager, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

High productivity, processing performance and flexible collaborative mode made us to select EVL as a preferred ETL platform for our data integration and big data projects.

Ondrej Machacek – Architecture&Integration Senior Manager, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.


T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.has decided to change their European Data Warehouse data processing and management platform from traditional relation database and ETL tool to big data ecosystem. Decision has been driven by increasing pressure on shortening time to market and business velocity. To address those challenges Deutsche Telekom has been selecting not only new technologies, but adopted also agile methodology. In the course of project, EVL has significantly outperformed originally selected semi-open source ETL tool, and through high performance and outstanding productivity has helped to achieve project objectives.


Feature License Type
Non-profit EVL Standard EVL Premium
New versions with notification Yes Yes Yes
Email technical support Yes Yes Yes
On call technical support No No Yes
Incident management system No No Yes
Job Manager Yes No1 Yes
Number of Test Installations n/a2 1 3


  1. Job Manager is a part of Non-profit License and can be bought as an add-on to the EVL Standard Edition.
  2. As the Non-profit License is free of charge without any restriction, Test Installations are not considered.


Extract data from various data sources
Process, validate and historize data
Spark components
Load into RDBMS or HDFS
Data Pivoting
Productivity boosters
Versioning support
Job manager


Version 1.5
end of 06/2018

Version 1.4
end of 04/2018

Version 1.3
end of 03/2018

Version 1.2
end of 12/2017

Version 1.1
end of 10/2017

Version 1.0
summer 2017


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About us

We are a group of DWH professionals who have many years of experience building and maintaining DWH solutions. We've seen all that is available on the market to support ETL processes and decided to build our own with the simplicity in mind.

We are backed up by BIterra, contract staffing company with focus on data and analytics.

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Feel free to contact us.

Sales: Petr Horčička +420 604 336 537

Technical: Jan Štěpnička +420 602 643 752