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About Us

Frustrated by the inefficient development style of drag’n’drop ETL Tools common to data warehouse projects, we set out to make our own from scratch. EVL Tool was formed in 2017 to create our vision of a flexible, metadata-driven family of ETL tools.

Petr Horčička

Finance & Leadership LinkedIn

Petr has spent most of his career working with data technology and building data warehouses; from programming in assembler in the 80’s, to project management with multi-million euro budgets.

Jan Štěpnička

Chief Architect LinkedIn

Jan has a PhD in mathematics and years of experience designing and operating ETL solutions, using many different ETL tools, both in classical EWH and Hadoop environments.

Roman Csutkai

Business Development LinkedIn

Roman excels at connecting people and technology opportunities and has 15 years experience staffing and managing business intelligence projects.

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