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EVL Manager

Visualize Data Flows

Like most ETL jobs, an EVL job/workflow is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). Where possible, EVL Manager provides a diagram of the DAG, so developers and Operations personnel can easily review the flow of data.

Manage Multiple Deployments in a Single View

Manage EVL operations on a local system, or any box–LAN or remote–that can be reached via SSH. All deployments can be viewed together, or filtered down to individual projects. See the status of all running jobs ata a glance. No Addtional software installation is required on the managed servers.

Monitor Operations

Check job status from mulitple deployments simultaneously. View current status, start, stop, rerun jobs


Inspect the data flow on current and past job and workflow runs. Useful for debugging job failures, in production and dev environments. view data flow diagrams and job log files.

Resource Consumption

Keep tabs on resource consumption. view graphs for RAM use, CPU seconds, records passed, etc.

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