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QVD Utils Microservice

QVD Writer

QVD Writer is an EVL microservice which enables writing to QVD files without using QlikSense or QlikView. Very useful when you need to load data from various sources immediately into a QVD file and you don’t want to overload your Qlik server by creating many, or large, QVD files.
EVL Microservices are built on top of the core EVL software and retain its flexibility, robustness, high productivity, and ability to read data from various sources; including csv files, databases–Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, etc–and Hadoop streaming data like Kafka.

QVD Writer   Key Advantages

  • Write speed
  • Available on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Low implementation and operating costs
  • Automation and batch processing
  • Save Qlik resources by offloading load process
  • Improve and speed up data load by integrating load process into standard ETL



Function guide and examples.


Full QVD Writer documentation.

Example Converting CSV to QVD

Example input CSV file with header and semicolon separated fields:


csv2qvd < table.csv > table.qvd

csv2qvd will use the field names present in the header, and data types derived from the values, to produce an output file named table.qvd.

Estimated data types can be manually changed via declarations in the EVD file (EVL data definition file). See more details in the whitepaper or documentation.