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Our partners deliver data transformations to their customers faster, with lower costs; backed by our commitment, passion, and industry expertise. By utilizing EVL products partners can extend their reach in an ever-growing market driven by digital engagement solutions.

We partner with data/analytics solution providers and consultancies that value the same things we do: simplicity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. By understanding current and future needs we design solutions that bear fruit fast, with minimal investment.

Why Become a Partner?

  • Access to a team of dedicated data integration experts
  • EVL's faster development cycle offers a competitive advantage for fixed schedule projects
  • Targeted solutions for specific data challenges that can be integrated into existing data infrastructure
  • Short learning curve using standard programing knowledge
  • Customers appreciate flat, predictable licensing fees

Partner Program Benefits

  • Presale support: demo, bid support, PoC, and more
  • Onboarding and annual update training
  • Influence on product roadmap
  • Unlimited use of EVL Tool for internal, non-profit activities
  • Premium support level
  • Commission on license fees (Special conditions apply to embedded solutions.)

Please contact EVL Tool co-founder and CEO Petr Horcicka to learn more about the partner program options and benefits.

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